Men of Life

Men of Life – Real Guys. New Friends. Better Men.

These days good men are getting hard to find.  Men of Life is a group where men can establish friendships with other men who are interested in living well.  Using the Bible and applying its truth to our everyday lives, we are learning to live life out loud, to love our families, and to make a difference in our world in a genuine and natural way.  Because we are guys, we have a good time as we do it! Laughter, some good-natured sarcasm, honest conversation, and faithful study are all a part of the mix. All men and their sons are welcome.  Regardless of where you are in your walk with God, you’ll be among friends; and we hope you’ll join us!

Have Questions?

We understand visiting a church can be intimidating. Send us your question and we will connect you with a team member that can help.