What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

What to Expect on a Sunday Morning2018-10-27T22:09:14-04:00

At Life Church you can expect to meet real people from all walks of life in an environment that is warm and inviting. You will experience authentic worship and relevant teaching. You will not be pressured to give money or put on the spot as a “visitor.”

Let’s face it, there are enough obstacles in life to keep people away from a relationship with Jesus; distractions, excuses, and issues of all sorts. We don’t think “churchiness” should get in the way. So, come as you are. Enjoy a cup of coffee and refreshments, make some new friends, and be challenged to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Sunday Morning Greeting at Life Church Calvert

Common Questions about Sunday Mornings

What times do your church service start?2017-01-15T21:36:51-05:00

We begin our worship service at 10:30AM on Sunday mornings. Our worship last about 30 minutes which is followed up by a 30-40 minute teaching from one of our two Pastors.

Where do I park?2017-01-15T21:37:00-05:00

For general parking there are plenty of spots in the lower area of Plum Point Elementary with a small flight of stairs to the entrance. In the upper area you will find parking close to the entrance that is handicapped parking only. Everyone is more than welcome to drop off passengers at the entrance before parking.

What can I expect when I arrive at Life Church?2017-01-15T21:36:33-05:00

Upon arriving you will receive a warm hello from one of our greeters, encouraged to get a cup of coffee (or other beverage) and snack, and take a moment to converse, find a seat and get ready for an energetic time of worship before diving into the days message.

Is there a “dress” code?2017-01-15T21:37:49-05:00

No, just come as you are. Though some modesty and a little bit of cleanliness might be appreciated by those who sit around you.

What is there for my kids?2017-01-15T21:38:00-05:00

We have a wonderful program called “Life Kids” with a great team to help kids learn and grow in the word. We provide a time of teaching, crafts and games following worship. For parents who have little ones that want to do something else during worship we have volunteers to keep them entertained while you enjoy worship.

What is the worship music like?2017-01-15T21:38:10-05:00

Our worship music is energetic and rich in sound; we cover a wide variety from current modern hits to more traditional sounds from previous years.

What is the service like?2017-01-15T21:38:22-05:00

Through a 30-40 minute service our pastors take you through the Bible and teach not only to those sitting in the congregation, but to themselves. Each message is relevant and is taught in a clear manner.

Will I feel obligated to “give” to the church?2017-01-15T21:37:30-05:00

Hopefully not! To avoid that feeling of “obligation” we have actually removed the proverbial “passing of the church plate” from our service. For those who call Life Church home, we do have a basket at our “Life Line” table where people can drop off their tithes, offerings and donations. Additionally, giving is offered online in a convenient, safe and secure manner.

What happens after the church service?2017-01-15T21:37:17-05:00

After church service, for those who have kids, it’s time to collect them from Life Kids. Food and drinks are still available and a time for fellowship, meeting new people or talking with old friends is encouraged. Because we do meet in a school gym, we do have a clean-up crew who will begin putting away chairs, sound equipment and start packing up, but by no means is this an indication that you need to go.