Water Baptisms at Life Church

On Saturday, June 22, Life Church will be holding a water baptism service.  We will be utilizing the swimming pool at the home of Mike and Maureen Frederick, in Lower Marlboro.  Afterwards we’ll be sharing a cook out and a great evening of poolside fellowship.  The following Sunday morning, June 23, we are also inviting parents to dedicate their children and their families to the Lord.

If you have not yet been baptized, and would like to join with those who will be baptized on June 22, or if you would like to participate in our dedication service on June 23, we encourage you to speak with Pastors Steve or Dave, or email them at info@lifechurchcalvert.com.

If you have questions about who should be baptized, or why you should be baptized, or if you were”baptized” as a child if you should be baptized an an adult, be sure to pick up a copy of our teaching on water baptism available at Life Church this Sunday.

We’ll also be teaching more about water baptism on Sunday, June 16th, when we will be comparing some of the traditions and myths surrounding its practice, with what Scripture actually teaches.