Take Time to Love Those Closest to You

I have just a brief thought to share with whomever takes the time to read this.  Be sure to take time today to show those closest to you how much you love them.

As Christians, we talk a lot about the importance of love.  God’s love for us expressed through Jesus Christ.  Christ’s love in us expressed to a lost and dying world.  We often seek to let the world know that God loves them, and we love them too.  Of course this is true.  It is also a natural and necessary thing for believers in Jesus to do.

In my own life, those that are closest to me often are shown the least amount of love.  That’s just not acceptable.  I need to be loving, compassionate, merciful, graceful, forgiving, patient and kind to those under my own roof, while not neglecting my neighbors.  Thankfully, the love that Jesus gives us is enough for everyone.

So today, share a kind word, give an extra hug, and tell those close to you that you love them.  I know I will.


Pastor Steve