Liberty. Freedom. It’s what we celebrate every Independence Day as citizens of the United States. While we live in a nation that prizes liberty, true freedom is found in Christ alone. Believers in Jesus, as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, should celebrate that true freedom. One great way to celebrate is by sharing the truth of the Gospel with those around us. Our culture needs to hear the truth. Truth spoken in love. The Church must reclaim its prophetic voice once again and we must. Today, let’s declare independence. Next week we will begin our new series “One Nation Under God?” This series will explore our nation’s amazing history and the strong connection that has existed between our culture and the Christian faith. Together we will discover and explore faith at the founding of the nation and our rich Christian heritage and history. We will examine decades of culture war and its consequences. We will also look to the future of our nation, and discuss our role as Christians within what many would call a post-Christian culture.