Storm Proof

All around the world today we see the ravages of natural disasters. In America, tornadoes, floods, and severe storms have caused billions in damages and taken many lives this year alone. These storms are devastating events, and in their wake, we see destruction and pain.

While you may not have been personally touched by recent severe weather, nor may ever go through the devastation of a natural disaster, you will face severe storms of life. All of us will be buffeted by temptation, betrayal, and pain from life’s raging storms. We will face times of trouble, persecution, loneliness, and loss. How will you prepare yourself for these storms of life?

The time to prepare for a storm is long before it’s raging. In this series, Storm Proof, we will examine the importance of living life on a biblical foundation, acknowledging God as our refuge and source of strength. We will learn how to prepare ourselves in advance to trust God in every circumstance, even when we don’t understand all that is going on around us. (And we never will!) With God’s help, we can overcome past hurts and prepare ourselves for whatever the future holds because we know the One that holds our future!

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