Spiritual Gift Assesment Tool

If you have been worshiping at Life Church recently, you’ve heard teaching that God has given every believer a spiritual gift and each of us is called to serve. God has made it clear, the gifts He has given us are for building His church.

What Motivates or De-motivates You?

Let’s face it, some things motivate us more than others. Yet wouldn’t it be great if you had the opportunity to serve doing those things for which you are most gifted? Just imagine the satisfaction and feelings of completeness when you are serving as God has gifted you, as God has wired you to serve.

There is an Important Place of Ministry for Every Believer

Just as there are no unimportant members within the body of Christ, neither are there any unimportant gifts. God’s intention is to use every believer to help build His church. Have you discovered the gifts God has given you? Are you actively using your gifts to help build His church?

We Want to Help You Experience the Joy and Fulfillment of Serving

We’re excited to have a new way of sharing the many opportunities to serve that have been established or are on their way to being established at Life Church. We really want to help you grow in your walk with Christ and experience all that God has for you, including the joy and satisfaction that comes from serving in the ways He has gifted you.

To discover “where you fit best serving God”, it is important for you to consider your God-given spiritual gifts, your temperament, your personality, and your leadership/managements traits. Combined they create the passion that drives you. Without passion we lack the motivation necessary to succeed in life and ministry.

Because we believe it is so important to help you discover your gifts and passions and get plugged in to the right ministries, Life Church has recently partnered withChurch Growth Institute. We have invested in several new tools that will help distinguish your spiritual gifts, and your personality and leadership/management traits. In a nutshell, upon completion of the analysis, not only will you have discovered how God has gifted you, you’ll have a better understanding of the areas of ministry where you may be most effective and bring you the greatest fulfillment.

It Only Takes a Few Minutes and It’s Free!

It only takes a few minutes to complete each analysis. Seriously, you’ll be able to complete everything in less than twenty minutes or we’ll happily refund your money. (:

After you complete the inventories, you’ll be able to view your results immediately. The Life Church pastors will also receive a copy of your results, and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your results and help you find opportunities to get started using your gifts. You may also have some ideas for ministries you would like to explore with us.

We’re Hoping For 100% Participation

We are requesting the participation of everyone who calls Life Church home. This means if you consider yourself a part of the Life Church family, we are asking you to take the few minutes necessary to complete the analysis. Even if you don’t worship with Life Church regularly, please don’t allow this opportunity to slip by. Take a few moments and complete the analysis. You just may be inspired by the results!

As the pastors of Life Church, we are called to encourage you and prepare you to serve. It is our joy to provide these tools for you. We look forward to sharing in your discovery, helping you get plugged in, and then serving along side you as God builds one of Calvert’s most exciting new churches, Life Church!

Please take a few minutes between now and Sunday and complete the analysis.Thanks for your participation.  If you have any questions, please emailinfo@lifechurchcalvert.com

Your brothers in Christ,

Steve and Dave


After you have completed the analysis, you will immediately receive a detailed report on each of the areas you completed plus a list of ministries that may suit you best. Please understand that these suggestions are based on your results. There may also be additional places of ministry within the church that may be a good fit for you. You don’t have to finish the evaluation all at once. If you need to step away and return to it the following day, your data will be there when you return.