Shield Bearers

A unique ministry to the local law enforcement officers and their families.

Being encouragers is part of our DNA at Life Church. So, when Life Church was formed we began looking for opportunities to share the love of Jesus within our community. It didn’t take us long to become aware that those serving within our law enforcement community often come up short on the appreciation-encouragement scale. We saw this as an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who serve and protect us all, and Shield Bearers was born.

Shield Bearers is a way for Life Church to provide encouragement and support for the men and women serving within Calvert’s law enforcement community. Some of the ways we show we care are by remembering each of our more than 300 police officers and support personnel on their birthdays, by sharing birthday cards, handwritten notes of encouragement, and gift cards to local restaurants. During the last five years, Shield Bearers has expanded to include our providing gift cards to Walmart when a new baby arrives, as well as get well and sympathy cards.

One of Life Church’s lead pastors, Dave Mohler, serves as the command chaplain of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office since 2001. Dave has also been appointed to serve as a Maryland State Police Chaplain. Through his weekly interchanges within Calvert’s two primary law enforcement agencies, Dave has opportunities to offer individual encouragement to those who serve, visit agency personnel and family members when hospitalized, and provide pastoral, marital and family counseling when requested. Dave is also frequently involved when traumatic events occur within our community, taking the love and compassion of Jesus to those in need.

Since its beginning, Shield Bearers has provided two special events to honor Calvert’s law enforcement officers. Each of these family events was held at the Blue Crab’s Regency Stadium in Waldorf and included a special service, a buffet lunch, and tickets to the day’s game. If you would like to help support this unique ministry, please make a gift in any amount and note that it is in support of Shield Bearers.