Questions about Heaven

Our current series, Heaven is heading into its third week. It’s been exciting teaching about the place where all believers will spend eternity. In week one, we discussed that Heaven is indeed a real place. In fact, Heaven is more real than what we call “real” here in the “Shadow Lands” (Thank you very much Mr. C.S. Lewis.) Last week, we looked at what Heaven was like according to the word of God. We can’t base our beliefs about Heaven on movies, books, or stories we hear, but on the truth of God’s word! This week, we will explore the question “Who resides in Heaven?”

We received many questions from the congregation at the outset of this series and since we cannot possibly answer the nearly 200 questions we have in six weeks, we thought it would be good to begin tackling them online. So, over the next several weeks, you will see postings attempting to answer these questions. Not every question can be answered, so if we don’t know, we are going to simply say just that. Some answers will only be known when we enter Heaven.