Life with Littles starting March 5, 2020

A new ministry through Life Church called Life with Littles will kick off on Thursday, March 5th. Life with Littles is a place where moms with young kids can come together to share God’s blessings in their lives and receive support through life’s challenges. As mothers we can share similar joys like fun new phases, and silly stories; and challenges like postpartum depression, external expectations, parenting and the chaos of life, just to name a few. In a warm and inviting atmosphere at the Rogers’ home, we hope to share coffee and snacks while we encourage and support each other to live a life worthy of the gospel. There will be ample toys available for the littles to enjoy and an opportunity for great conversation and cultivate relationship. I hope those of you this ministry is calling will be excited to join.

On March 5th, Moms and their littles are invited for a time of fellowship and play. Coffee and snacks will be provided. Life with Littles will continue to meet the first and third Thursday of every month from 930a-1130a.