How many times have you heard a sermon and said, “Right, but how does that apply to me?” Or, “But…That would never happen in real life.” We’re all guilty of it, whether we are new believers or have a strong relationship with Christ. Sometimes, we just don’t understand how we are supposed to apply the word after we walk out of those doors on Sunday and into the office on Monday.

So many times in the Bible Jesus demonstrates his amazing spiritual strengths, whether it be through performing miracles or fulfilling prophecies; One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment and just when you think you know what’s going on, the plot thickens.

It is the goal of Life Church’s drama team, The Plot Thickens, to bring the word to life by performing contemporary, custom written original works. Our productions demonstrate how to apply the word to day to day life and overcome obstacles. It’s our hope to reach those who feel unreachable and help those that feel overwhelmed when trying to digest the sermon.

The Plot Thickens, encourages men and women and boys and girls of all ages to get involved. Never been on stage? That’s okay! Don’t want to be on stage, but still want to be involved? That’s okay too! Every good performance ON stage has to have an amazing crew OFF stage!

Contact Us and see how you can get involved with The Plot Thickens

So whether you want to act, move set pieces or help write scripts, there is a place for all who wish to participate!

Contact Casey Garner or fill out the form below for more info on joining, The Plot Thickens.