Colossians – New Series Begins this Sunday

This Sunday we are embarking on a journey through the Epistle to Colossians. In this relatively short letter, the Apostle Paul spends considerable time encouraging believers within the church, expressing his thanks for the many good things he has heard they were accomplishing. He also confronts errors that had crept into the church. There were those who were teaching that Jesus wasn’t enough, that the practice of other religious beliefs, rituals, philosophies, and traditions were necessary for us to accepted by God. It was a not so subtle effort to dethrone Jesus as the resurrected King of Kings, the only Savior, and Lord of all.

Paul, responds in no uncertain terms reaffirming the absolute supremacy of Jesus: That He is the Creator God, the Reconciler of the universe, the One and only Savior, the Lord of all, and Lord over all, the One to whom every philosophy, religion, authority, and every power in the universe is subject to and will one day bow.