You may find yourself singing that tune right now. In fact, you may end up singing it all day long, “everywhere you go.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Isn’t it funny how a familiar tune can get trapped in our minds? This time of year, as we drive, shop, or gather with family and friends, we will undoubtedly hear the sounds of the season. Hopefully, as these sounds reverberate in our minds, they will evoke fond memories in our minds and warm feeling in our hearts.

What if we stopped for a moment and listened very carefully to the most important sounds of the season? Perhaps, we could hear the sounds of the stable or a newborn baby’s cry. Could we hear the voice of the angel saying, “For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord”? Maybe we could hear the heavenly host proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Why not listen with your heart this Christmas for the sounds of the greatest story every told, the story of Jesus, born to be our Savior? His story goes on today, as we experience forgiveness and real life offered by our risen Lord! Are we listening?

Christmas Gifts and Food 
This Christmas we will be sharing the love of Jesus with children at PPES for whom our HeartF.E.L.T. team provides backpacks filled with food each week. We will be providing gifts for 40 children. All wrapped gifts and any food items need to be turned in Sunday, December 17th. Thank you for your generosity and for showing the love of Jesus to these families!

Christmas Eve
Join us this Christmas Eve for an evening of worship, drama, and candlelight caroling. Service begins at 6 pm. (NOTE: There will be no morning service on Sunday 12/24.) Pick up your invitation cards this Sunday and share them with a friend. We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate Jesus!

Life Kids Christmas Program “The Best Night Ever”
Christmas Eve is upon us and it’s party time for everyone in Life Kids! Some may say that Christmas Eve is the best night ever. But when the question arises as to WHY it’s the best night ever confusion arises. So sit tight and prepare for the little ones of Life Church Calvert to inform you on all the goodness of Christmas Eve. You won’t want to miss this great performance by our kids! The kids will perform Sunday, 12/31 at 10:30. Be sure to come early to get your seat and enjoy a snack or beverage.