Building Life Together

We believe a permanent home for Life Church is necessary and we believe that the time to build it is NOW.

Here at Life Church, we believe that if the church is truly loving people and intent on making fully devoted followers of Jesus as we have been called to do, God’s blessings will rest upon us, and we, His people will respond by joyfully giving of our time, talents and treasure to the work of the Lord.

What we ask today is for you to PRAY. And then when you’ve prayed, pray some more. PRAY for your leaders and for each of the members of our Campus development Team, and PRAY for His continued and abundant blessings upon Life Church.

Nothing of any good is accomplished apart from seeking God and being obedient to Him. He is the Master Builder. He is the supplier of every need. HE is the one who will accomplish this, and HE will get all the glory.

Phase 1


Imagine Life

Imagine what could be accomplished for God’s Kingdom by this group of people, and those that will be added in the coming years.