Back to School Food and School Supply Drive

The start of school is just around the corner. Let’s help our HeartFELT children succeed!

Throughout August we will be holding a school and food supply drive to help families that need a hand making ends meet. We will be providing our HeartFELT children with school supplies, and as in the past, backpacks filled each week with nourishing food and snacks. Will you join us in providing food and school supplies for our HeartFELT kids?

The school and food supplies list is located on the back of this flyer. Donations may be dropped off at the HeartFELT table during Sunday worship throughout the month of August. If you would prefer to make a monetary gift, your gift in its entirety will be used for HeartFELT supplies.

Our August HeartFELT school supplies and food drive is an opportunity for us to bless children in need at Plum Point Elementary School and help them succeed. Together, let’s make the most of this great opportunity

For any questions, please contact Suzanne Walker, or visit our Life Line table on Sunday mornings.

Thank you for helping us be the hands and feet of Jesus to these little ones,
The Life Church HeartFELT team

HeartFELT School Supplies and Food Drive
August 7 – August 28

School Supplies

Pocket Folder, w/Prong – Red
Pocket Folder, w/Prong – Blue
Black Marble Composition Books
Glue Sticks
Box of Crayons 24 Count
Small Plastic Pencil Box (5” x 8”)
Pack – #2 Pencils
Large Pink Erasers
Washable Markers, Classic Colors,
Wide Tip, 8/Set
Hand sanitizer
Box of tissues

Food Items

(No Glass containers)
Bookbags (New or slightly used)
Apple Sauce, 3.9oz/pkg of 6/foil top
Beans & Franks, 7.75oz/pop-top lid
or 15 oz. can
Beefaroni, 15oz
Beef Stew, 12 oz cans
Canned Corn, 15oz
Cereal, single serving box/any flavor
Chicken, canned, 5 oz can
Chicken & Rice Soup, 11oz/pop-top lid
Chicken Noodle Soup, 11oz/pop-top lid
Cookies, single serve size
Cup O’Noodles, 2.25oz/any flavor
Fruit Cups, 4oz
Fruit Snacks
Goldfish Crackers, 1.1oz/individually
Green Beans, 15oz can/pop-top lid
Hamburger Helper
Instant Oatmeal packets, individually
wrapped/any flavor
Jar Jelly, 18oz plastic jar
Jar Peanut Butter, 18oz plastic jar
Juice, Fruit Punch, 6.75 oz box
Juice, Apple, 6.75 oz box
Juice, Grape, 6.75 oz box
Juice, Orange, 6.75 oz box
Macaroni & Cheese, “Easy Mac”
-single servings
Mac & Cheese 2.05 oz. bowl
Mac & Cheese 7.25 oz. box
Milk, 8oz non-refrigerated
Mixed Vegetables, 15 oz can
Nutrigrain Cereal Bars, individually
wrapped/any flavor
Peanut Butter Crackers, 6 count
individually wrapped
Peas, Sweet, 15 oz can
Pop Tarts, individually wrapped
any flavor
Potato Chips, individually wrapped
any flavor
Pretzels, single serving pkgs.
Pudding Cups, 3.5oz/non-refrigerated
Raisins, 1.5oz/individual boxes
Ramen Noodles, 3oz single serving
any flavor
Ravioli, 15oz can/pop-top lid
Spaghetti & Meatballs, 15oz can
pop-top lid
Spaghetti/Pasta Sauce 24 oz jar/can
Spaghetti, Thin, 1 pound box
Tomato Soup, 15 oz cans
Tuna, chunk in water, 5 oz cans
Vegetable Beef Soup, 15 oz cans
Vienna Sausages, 5oz/pop-top lid